Oral Health Advocacy Coverage

2014-07-31 00:00:00

The Dental Access Alliance, a coalition of NH Kids Count, advocates on behalf of expanding the oral health workforce to create expanded dental health access for children and families in NH. As SB 193 was voted yesterday by the NH Senate to move into a study committee, here's a look back at last year's media coverage surrounding the bill.

To learn more about SB 193, please visit nhoralhealth4all.org.


Senate Holds Off On Expanding Dental Care Union Leader, 1/31/14


Senate Votes to Study Oral Health Needs in NH Associated Press, 1/30/14


Dentists Lobby Sinks Hollis Senators New Dental Bill Nashua Telegraph, 1/30/14


Bill To Expand Role of Dental Hygienists Voted Down NHPR, 1/30/14


Senate Votes to Study Oral Health Needs Concord Monitor, 1/30/14


BIA latest group to support dental hygiene practitioner bill Nashua Telegraph, 1/28/14


Expanded dental hygienist bill faces opposition in Senate Concord Monitor, 1/28/14


N.H. Dental Hygienists Want New Role Valley News 1/28/14


NH should allow dental therapists By Mary Duquette, Keene Sentinel, 1/27/14


Senate oral-health bill is worth smiling about By Sen. Peg Gilmour, Nashua Telegraph, 1/26/14


Dental care an urgent need across all of New Hampshire By Sen. Peg Gilmour, Monadnock Ledger, 1/23/14


Panel backs bill to expand dental care by hygienists Nashua Telegraph 1/8/14


Bill would expand access to dental care By Linda Steir, Lawrence Eagle-Tribune, 1/1/14


Time to Improve Access to N.H.Dental Care By Dr. Stephen H. Chapman, Valley News 12/28/13


Dental bill would also help older residents By Barbara Salvatore and Carol Currier, Concord Monitor 12/23/13


From local dentist, disappointing opposition By Jennifer Brianna Clark, Concord Monitor 12/23/13


ER no place for dental issues By Hayley Kinchant, Concord Monitor, 11/28/13


The Front Lines By Hayley Kinchant, RN MSN, Fosters Daily Democrat 11/27/13


Open the door for more dental care By Charlie Arlinghaus, Josiah Bartlett Center, Foster’s Daily Democrat 11/10/13


SB 193 offers access to dental care and jobs By Ellen M. Legg Fosters Daily Democrat, 11/9/13


My Turn: Let’s expand our ability to provide dental care in the state By Mary Duquette, Concord Monitor 11/8/13


Charles Arlinghaus: Expanding dental care by reducing regulations Union Leader 11/5/13


Proposal in state senate would let dental hygienists perform some of the same duties as your dentist Nashua Telegraph 8/19/13


Study proves still much work to be done to improve access to dental care By Ellen Fineberg Fosters Daily Democrat 7/18/13


There’s still much work to be done to improve access to dental care By Ellen Fineberg Concord Monitor 7/15/13


Minnesota dental therapy model goes nationwide Minneapolis Star Tribune 3/31/13


N.H. State Senate to study oral health workforce expansion Fosters 3/30/13


Proposed Change in Dental Care Workforce Losing Steam NHPR 3/27/13


Dental therapists could expand access to care Concord Monitor 3/7/13


Proposal to expand hygienists’ role met with opposition from dental society Concord Monitor 3/5/13


There’s a safe and cost-efficient way By Gary E. Lambert Fosters Daily Democrat 3/3/13


Bill needed to ease NH dental shortage By Ellen Fineberg Nashua Telegraph 3/3/13


A proposed law could improve dental care in the Granite State Keene Sentinel 2/26/13


Letter: Dental Society is too worried about turf by Eileen Carter Concord Monitor 2/21/13


Letter: A sensible way to expand dental care By Dr. Ward Stoops Concord Monitor 2/19/13


My Turn: Let’s expand the dental team By Dr. Robert C. Keene Concord Monitor 2/16/13





“Girard at Large” Radio Interview WLMW 2/19/13 (scroll to Hour #3, Julie Stitzel guest last podcast on page)


Dental Care Program Sparks Controversy in Minnesota Here & Now, NPR 2/22/13


WMUR-TV Evening Broadcast, 1/28/14


WMUR-TV  1/31/2014